Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am getting a new bed on Thursday. It is my first new one since probably 1991. I like my old bed but the biggest problem is that since I sleep in the middle there is a big dip there. Not a big problem to me but if anyone else were to sleep there it would.

I guess the 2nd thing wrong with the bed is it is the one that I had when I was with my ex. I think the bed has bad karma. It was mine before I met him and it has been something like 9 years since he slept in it. I should have gotten rid of it long ago just for the reason that a horrible human being had slept in my bed.

I guess that I never got rid of it since I really liked it. It was a good mattress - Stearns and Foster.

My new one has a pillow top on it. I got it at a local furniture store that is going out of business. I guess the original price was around $1600 for the set. I got it for $749. I used tax return money to buy it.

I hope that I like it. I have a difficult time sleeping in strange places - even at my parents house. It will be odd to sleep in a new bed tomorrow night.

I am keeping the old one. I currently only have a twin as my guest bed. I will be able to put my old queen into the spare bedroom and guest can sleep on it.

This was probably an extremely boring post but it has been on my mind.

They are suppose to deliver the bed between 9 and 11 am. My luck they will arrive while Regis and Kelly are doing the first 20 minutes of their show. I also want to see Regis with Lil Kim. She is suppose to be on tomorrow morning.

much love

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  1. Pillow Tops are very nice, My hubby and I got one about 6 years ago. I love it.