Sunday, May 24, 2009

I spotted one of my quilts while I was out and about this afternoon!

I was at the Meijers off of Riley in Holland. I had just pulled out of my parking place. I pulled by a mini-van. A lady was taking an infant out of the van - I noticed that she had dropped a small receiving blanket. I slowed the car and let her know that. I then started forward, stopped, pulled back - I had spotted a rag edge quilt - or at least I thought I had - that is why I had backed up. I said to the lady - I think that is one of my quilts - she said - it was if I had been at Tulip Time a few weeks earlier. I told her I had - she said that the baby was 2 days old and was about to get her picture taken. I told her thanks and good luck.

I thought that it was really neat that I happened to spot a quilt that I had made. I think that is the 2nd time in over 4 years of selling stuff that I have had that happen.

The first time was at Penney's at the Chapel Hill Mall in Akron, OH (I used to live in the Akron area) - this little guy had a Linus and Snoopy taggie that I had made.

It was just a nifty moment.

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