Saturday, May 2, 2009

My ears are bleeding and everyone is wearing wooden shoes

I have a craft business. It is called 2 Crafty Chix. Someday I will explain the name.

This weekend I am a vendor at the Tulip Time Art and Craft Show in Holland Michigan. I currently live in Holland Michigan. Lived here for 2 years.

My booth this weekend is located directly under the only loud speaker in all of Centennial Park. I am only being slightly bitchy when I say that my ears bleed.

I am really digging all of the tulips and half the population of Holland running around in their Dutch outfits. It is really neat and really involved what goes into these outfits. A real source of pride that you can see on their faces. They rock it!

It just really sucked not to be able to talk to customers without shouting at them when the announcements are going on. Or the dance music playing. It was off and on all day.

On the happy side - I was doing dances in my booth and on the sidewalk in front of the booth. I jigged, I did the macarena (sp) - heck I was having a good time. Gotta do something when one's ears are bleeding. I loved the lady who stopped and took my hand and started to dance with me. Very cool. Also the ladies in the booth across from me where dancing and being silly too. I love that!!!

I think tomorrow I will take ear plugs with me. The other option would be to go back there tonight with wire cutters and snip a wire on those speakers. I am not condoning vandalism but my ears are still slightly ringing. Also, bleeding ears is not an attractive thing to have when you are trying to sell baby quilts!!!!

The show does not start until 11 on Sunday. I am happy! I can sleep in and watch most of Sunday Morning on CBS. I love that show. Not sure why but I really love to watch it. Tomorrow is the last time I will get to see it for a few weeks. More 2 day shows the next two weekends.

Time to go do some suduko, brush my teeth and snuggle with my body pillow and dream dreams of dancing wooden shoes!

Much love! Janice

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