Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Invasion of the Rug Rats

Next week, my two nieces Mikayla age 4 and Vivianna 2 yrs are coming to stay with their Aunt Janice for 4 days.

Their Grandma - my Mom is having surgery on her hand. My sister and her family live with my folks. For a variety of reasons - the kids are coming to stay with Aunt Janice. I have not told my cats yet - please don't tell them. They will be rather upset to have two loud small children running wild through the house.

I am hoping that the weather is nice. We can go visit the Dutch Village here in Holland. Other possible activities are Crazy Bounce, a playground, maybe the beach but the water will be too cold to go in. Hopefully, they can play with the little girl across the street. She is a bit younger but I think she will like to play with Vivi.

We will blow bubbles - one of our favorite past times. Mikayla can chase the birds in my backyard - she loves to chase them - do not know why. Ride their bikes. Draw with chalk on the cement. We can even walk over the the farm and feed the pigs.

I need to find ways to keep them busy and from running up and down my steps. That seems to be hands down the favorite thing to do when they are here. It freaks me out that they do it. Unfortunately Grandma had let them do it when they were all here. Grandma trumps Aunt Janice's house rules when Grandma is around.

Wish me luck! Any suggestions for things to do with them? I welcome any ideas!


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  1. You can always head out to either Lakeshore Mall or a McDonalds with a playland...let 'em play with some other kids and tire themselves out. Works with my 6 year old. LOL