Sunday, May 10, 2009

We are not in Kansas anymore Toto

I am going to bitch and bitch I must. It was a miserable weekend. I drove to St. Johns on Friday afternoon - I did not get lost this time - I got miserably lost driving to Vermontville 2 weeks ago. Driving there was fine. My mom and I had decided to set up the booth the night before the show. It was a good thing we did. It is a good thing that I stopped by Lowe's and got those big old dog stakes - the ones that corkscrew down into the ground. Those things saved my poor canopy tent!

It had rained Saturday morning before we got there. I am happy to say that was the only rain of the day and for most of the weekend. It started to rain at the end of the show on Sunday - I LOVE to pack up in the rain - great fun!

The biggest problem was the wind. Just gusting wind - I called it gale force winds but I think that they were a slight bit under what those would be but let's for fun's sake say gale force.

It just sucked since it was windy and pretty cool out the entire weekend. When it is windy and cold people tend to stay home. It was so slow that I let my mom play her Freecell handheld game in the tent. I never let her do that. I also told her to go to the car and take a nap since she was tired. Usually the booth is so crowded that we both are helping out customers - not the case this weekend.

The good thing about the show is that I did sell a few quilts to happy customers. I had a repeat customer for my crayon rolls - they had bought one last weekend in Holland from me and bought another one this weekend.

One of my favorite little guys this weekend was this little boy whose Mommy bought him a camo quilt. She showed it to him and his whole face lit up. I thought he was so cute that I gave him a mini-tag blanket that was made out of green camo fleece. Almost every show I give away a mini-taggie to a special little person. Sometimes they have bought something - a lot of the time they did not. I just like to give them out. One of those spontaneous acts of fun (kindness).

I am in the quilt/blanket making business to make people happy and I receive happiness when I know that one of my quilts or something that I have created with my own two hands makes someone happy.

I have a corny saying - Comforting the world - one blanket at a time.

I myself am a blankie girl - so who better to make blankets for others!

I like this so much better than being an accountant - I will take sitting under a canopy tent in gale force winds than working for a Fortune 50 Automotive company. Hands down anyday of the week!

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